The Wonderful World Of Fantasie!


‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get next’ – Forrest Gump. This famous line from the movie is the perfect way to sum up an experience at the Fantasie chocolate store!

A glimpse at all the chocolate on display

Fantasie Fine Chocolates has been making original handcraft artisanal chocolates since 1946. Zeba Kohli who has taken over the company reins and spun this into a full fledge chocolate empire is on a mission to make the world fall in love with chocolate.  She is, in my opinion, our very own Willy Wonka because her chocolate factory seems to be making everyone’s fantasie come true! With a range of 33 different types of soft centred chocolates, edible chocolate boxes ( the box holding all the chocolate is made out of chocolate its self) chocolate bars, magical chocolate fountains, miraculous concoctions of sugar free chocolates there isn’t anything this company doesn’t create with chocolate. If launching a new range of chocolate for the festive season isn’t enough, Zeba has taken spreading the joy of chocolate a step further and launched her very own Fantasie Chocolate Dictionary.

Zeba Kohli
More Chocolates
Zeba introducing her guest readers
The dictionary is a fun witty little book with adorable terms that Zeba has coined herself to describe chocolate. This quirky humorous little ‘brown’ book is a memento for all chocoholics. The Fantasie Chocolate Dictionary was unveiled at the swanky Vinoteca by Sula with some of Zeba’s friends and chocolate lovers. Many familiar faces and some extremely ‘ drool-tastic’ ones like Milind Soman. (I took one look at him up close and had my own lil Hubba Hubba moment). There was a small but hilarious reading with some of her friends, Butlers marching in making a grand entrance to present the dictionary to the readers, followed by a sexy sangria brunch. Though the dictionary is the show stopper for this event it would be grossly unfair not to mention the trays (and I do mean plural) of chocolates kept on display for guests to try and go gaga over.
Guest reading from the dictionary
Unveiling the dictionary
Milind Soman posing with the dictionary
This is exactly why I think Zeba Kohli is like the Chocolate Santa Claus. You are constantly urged and encouraged to not just sample the chocolate but go nuts and stuff your face with them!  Hazel nut and praline, orange crème, mint, strawberry, raspberry, dates, nut crunch, mango, a range of coffee flavours, lemonchello and about a dozen more flavours I can’t seem to remember were all on display at the chocolate bar. In fact it’s not just Zeba but even when you step into any of the Fantasie chocolate outlets to buy a box, her staff eagerly insists you try more chocolates and you can’t help but feel you’re in sweet heaven. What is even more interesting is that someone like myself who isn’t a chocolate lover and on most occasions turns down chocolate found something to enjoy in this vast land of cocoa. I guess there really is something for everyone!


Fantasie Fine Chocolates has spent the last 65 yrs making chocolate fantasies come true and now they’re sharing the chocolate joy with the tiny taster. Zeba is giving away 5 free boxes filled with Fantasie Fine Chocolates and copies of her exclusive Fantasie Chocolate Dictionary. All you have to do is enter the contest!
Want a house made of chocolate? Chocolate tours around the world or to gift your best friends some fun chocolates?Tell me what is your biggest chocolate fantasie and the most creative ideas stand a chance to win!!


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·         Get as creative as you like

·         Contest closes on Sunday October 20th at 3pm

·         Winners will be announced shortly on the blog and facebook page

·         If you are a winner you will be asked to email in your contact details so your prize can be sent to you.

Hurry!! Send in your entries soon!!


  1. My fantasy chocolate is three tiered…The bottom layer would be crunchy with toasted almonds dipped in gooey chocolate sauce…the middle layer would be a soft centered rum liqueur and the top layer thickly filled with dark chocolate shavings and slivers which melt as soon as you put it in your mouth!

  2. Now this here is a pleasant surprise
    And am not talking of the contest’s prize
    For Triple T to praise chocolate
    Must really please her palate
    Do go through — and join the fun, Guys!

  3. My chocolate fantasy??? Bite sized chocos that are actually thin sheets of atleast 5-8 different flavours.. not chunky nuts… just a smooth chocolate! So when you bite it, your eyes are treated to a beautiful choc with different shades of choco, all from white choco to dark choco…. & your tastebuds can relish so many different flavours bursting in your mouth!!!!! All the way from basic white chocolate to liquer to orange to mint to lemon…….. The possibilities are endless!!! A choco-lover’s bliss!!!!

  4. I have 2 chocolate fantasies one- John Abraham should whip up some special chocolate recipe just for me ! And the other fantasy I have is that since I love chocolates and can them all day I really wish that I can eat as much chocolate as I want and never gain any weight.

  5. First of all it was a treat reading the whole blog. I still reminisce Milind Soman during his career days. He is a wonderful personality.
    Well I am more of a Dark Chocolate person, so my fantasy is to have mixture of Bournville, Lindt and Green & Black’s dark with a chocolate & Vanilla icecream along with a tinge of hazelbut flavour and topped with a strawberry and waffle.
    Wow! M almost drooling… 🙂

  6. This was such an awesome chocolate filled event – thanks for having me over! Given that I am the Bawi Bride and love having a Bawa twist on just about anything, my Chocolate Fantasy would be some Dark Chocolate with a soft centre of some Bawa desserts like Lagan nu Custard, Rava or Kopra Pak – the sweetness of these desserts would very nicely offset the bitterness of the chocolate. And really, what’s better than a chocolate filled with my favourite Parsi desserts.. yum!

  7. Hey Roxanne,

    Brilliant post! Loved reading the entire choclate hubba hubba event!

    My chocolate fantasy has always been to eat a woman! literally!!

    I have imagined her lips to be containing the sweetness of strawberries while her beautiful blue eyes are made of blueberries! Flavored cheeks in praline with that garnish of honey coating for the perfect peck. the dark chocolate hair laced with a strand of nuts to add crunch into dark chocolate tresses. I like my chocolate woman with a soft chewy brain (so I can chew on it) with raspberry sauce to lubricate the milk chocolate inner that melts in the mouth from hand crafted softness. As I devour her to the neck, the nape must always have that drool worthy touch of mint and spice.

    Not sure if this imaginative for a contest but will sure buy one if they can make me one of these women. 😉

  8. I would want something on the lines of Narnia. Every time I went into my wardrobe, I will get transported to a completely new world that no one knows about and that has NOTHING but CHOCOLATE! Dark, milk, white, nutty, fruity and all other kinds under the sun! So, every time I’m happy, depressed or just in need of some sugar rush, I’d run in to my closet. The best part is that I wouldn’t have to SHARE IT WITH ANYONE! 😀 I hate sharing my chocolate! 😉

  9. I still remember the chocolate tasting event that you had organised with Zeba at Kala Ghoda earlier this year, brilliant event, leaving the people who attended wanting more. Fantasie chocolates have had a very special place in my heart, because my dad would gift me a box of them every birthday; and I remember how ecstatic I would be, waiting to see the variety hidden in the chocolatey depths of the fantasie box. My chocolate fantasy has to be the one where eating any amount of chocolate doesnt give me any weight. So that I could hog without any guilt and not worry about not fitting into my outfits next week. 😀 very simple, but I’m sure any girl would agree 😀

  10. My chocolate fantasy would be a miniature castle made of jelly like chocolate;bouncy and squishy. Or a girlfriend made out of chocolate, I’ll always be committed to it .

  11. I am back with yet another whacky Bawa chocolate fantasy. What would be great to see is some of our favourite savoury flavours being paired with chocolate. You know things like a Dhansak chocolate! – It may not sound very appetising but think about the mexican Mole that is made with chocolate.. it does infact go very well with savoury food when paired right and if there is anyone that can get the flavours to match then its Fantasie chocolates ofcourse!


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