S for Seoul #AtoZChallenge


Seoul is a funky city with a lot of soul. I spent 5 days here and it wasn’t enough. There’s a vibe to this city unlike any other. It’s cool, urban, hip and then has pockets steeped in history.

Seoul is a shopaholics paradise. From high end fashion in Gangnum ( no not the song but a very posh area that gave birth to the song ) to the street fashion in Hongdae or Namdemun. I really enjoyed shopping here, specially for all those incredible Korean beauty products. Guess who came home with nearly a 100 face masks!

Seoul has fabulous food and the best is of course found on the streets. every day was an adventure. I’d finish my day of sightseeing and end it getting lost in Myengdong market sampling new things to eat. I highly recommend a trip to Seoul and you’ll see why in these two videos I made

To read more about my trip to Seoul click here https://www.thetinytaster.com/2018/10/11/seoul-food-things-to-eat-in-south-korea/




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