Jaipur Gems

The Pink city is glorious and offers many attractions to keep travellers and tourists busy. After much shopping, sightseeing and plenty of eating, there are my personal top picks for what you can not miss when you're in the city of the maharajas.Amber Fort - this magnificent fort was...
It's hot, I'm exhausted from the crazy week I've had, my flight was traumatic being stuck between a continuous burper and a inconsiderate twit who kicked my seat throughout the flight but nothing can stop me from being excited. I'm on holiday and we've just touchdown in Jaipur!Aah the...
Udwada is a sleepy town in Gujarat and one of the most sacred places in the world for any Parsi- Irani Zoroastrian. It is the home of our beloved Iran Shah, which houses the holy fire which the Zoroastrians brought with them   when they escaped Iran centuries ago. Trips...

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