Discovering Della – Della Resorts And Adventure

If you thought Lonavla was boring and just about tiger point or some random dams you need to think again. The majestic property of Della resorts and adventure has injected a brand new posh yet uber cool factor to this quaint little weekend getaway town. Spread across a massive 42 acres Jimmy Mistry and his army of Della soldiers have built a grand vacation destination.

The resort property is nothing short of a 5 star hotel with luxurious rooms, decorated to not only to enhance your stay but meet your every comfort and need. From a sprawling bathroom including a Jacuzzi and even a television so you may watch while you bathe, to a king sized bed granting you the best night’s sleep. It has been designed to make you feel welcome and worthy of the finest they have to offer. They have executive rooms and superior rooms all impeccable but the real treat is if you get an opportunity to stay in one of their tent rooms. It is decorated exactly like the rooms but slightly smaller as it is in a little tent with arguably the best view on the property. The tents are further away from the main property and you feel a sense of peace walking out of your room and viewing the valley.

The property has many facilities whether you decide to visit for business or pleasure. Large banquet rooms, conference rooms an even a VIP conference room for business men conducting work on the property. Four restaurants including a 24 hour cafe aptly called cafe 24 a swimming pool and even a 24 hr operational spa and salon. In fact Della resorts is a perfect location to host birthday parties and has quick become a popular wedding destination. As if what they currently offer isn’t enough, they are working on a special play centre for children where they can be entertained, a small mini mart for shopping enthusiasts and even their very own nightclub called Pearl 18 which is slated to launch on the 10th of November. The four different restaurants offer various cuisines and one of them is strictly vegetarian. However the food in general is slightly disappointing. Overall they seem to favour Indian fare so if that’s your favourite then you’ll have a wide variety.

As great as the resort property is with many facilities to help you relax the real kicker is their adventure sports area aptly called Della Adventure. It’s an adventure theme park which boasts of over a 100 fun, thrill filled activities which appeal to the faint hearted and even the most adrenaline pumping adventure junkies. Aqua zorbing, zorbing, swoop, Bunjee jumping, trekking, ATV rides, rope challenges, rock climbing, archery and paintball are just some of the various activities they have to offer. Though one might think this would be an expensive proposition, Della Adventure has worked out various packages to suit everyone and have taken great effort to make sure each package includes enough to satisfy your adventurous side.

Della Adventure is ideal for a day trip even if you’re not staying at the resorts. Along with its many activities to keep you busy, it houses three of the four restaurants, including the night club, the amphitheatre which hosts many live musical performances and shows and even has its very own Fudge and Chikki Shop! Lonavla is famous for their fudge and chikki and to have their very own in house store on the property is genius! Along with the traditional flavours, the store has their own signature concoctions which are a must try. I highly recommend their cherry brandy fudge!

Della Resorts and Adventure is a mammoth project and no rumour or testimonial really prepares you for the grandness you experience. There is a great attention to detail, right from exquisite lamp shades to the amazingly well trained marshals for each activity. Della will impress you, excite you and certainly entertain you.

Spa – If you’re a spa junkie like I am then you won’t want to miss this one.  Located in their health complex near the pool, gym and salon their spa is a little hideaway from the rest of the hustle bustle. An ideal place to strip away of stress and anxiety and allow the masseuse to work her magic. There are various options to choose from but the classic Balinese massage comes highly recommended.

Flying fox– If you’re afraid of heights like I am, then this is going to seem like the scariest thing you’ve ever done. The flying fox is a really funky sport where you are harnessed to a rope (ample safety measures taken so no need to worry) and zip line across a hill from one end of the property to another. When people talk of a bird’s eye view this is what they mean. For someone like me just the trek up is scary because the higher you get to the point the scarier it seems but once you muster up the courage and take the plunge it is possibly the best experience in the air you will ever have! Trust me; I get queasy looking out the window of a third story building so this was literally my Everest!
The rooms/ the tents– One of the best parts about the entire property is their gloriously fabulous rooms. If there wasn’t any source of entertainment or activity on the property it wouldn’t make any difference because the rooms have enough to pamper and occupy you. Right from the adorable little “welcome” chikki to munch on, to the massive bed which just invites sleep within minutes, the tub to soak in or the large TV equipped with the internet to browse through. It’s made with the intent of enticing you to never leave or at least come visit again soon. The tents of course are extra special. With all this and more, cosy and comfortable, the view outside from the window as you snuggle in bed is beautiful. Each tent has a small seating area outside with lovely cane tables and chairs making it a perfect spot to enjoy early morning or evening chai. The monsoon season of course magnifies this green carpeted view from the tents making it a beautiful getaway spot from the city.

Dog walking and horse riding– Della Adventure has some very animal friendly activities which are delightful for children and adults. Stables with beautifully groomed horses for people to enjoy a quick ride (alas there isn’t much space to race the horse but a gentle canter is doable). They have 18 handsome dogs including two adorable St Bernard’s and people are encouraged to take them for a walk. Each dog is trained and extremely easy to handle. At first I found this incredibly strange but the more I think about it, it’s actually a wonderful way to expose children to animals and dogs, especially if they are unable to have a pet at home.

Sumo wrestling – this is one activity I regret not trying but the idea of dressing up into a massive foam costume and battling it out with your opponent sounds ridiculously fun. It reminds me of the tv show where two people dress up in massive Japanese Sumo Wrestler costumes and try to fight each other but can’t because the costume is massive and to try to maintain balance without toppling over and punching your opponent at the same time is a task!
Bungee and rocket ejector – Both of these rides are for the ultimate daredevils though in the rocket ejector you are completely strapped in, however the lighter you are, the higher the chance of you flipping in the air as soon as you’re ejected up. The Bungee jump like many other adrenaline pumping sport is highly recommended but unfortunately not something I could manage. I think prepping for the flying fox took every ounce of courage I had. Maybe I’ll have a go on my next trip to Della.



  1. What a lot of activity
    In quite close proximity
    One can relax and rest
    Or put oneself to the test
    According to one’s taste and proclivity!

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