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You can go to any Parsi wedding or celebration and the hot topic of discussion will almost always be the menu. We take immense pride in our food and are always eager to know - what's for dinner ( or lunch or breakfast ). Most menus are...
Growing up the only way we'd cook fish in my house was to either deep fry it or toss it into a luscious curry. Don't get me wrong I love both these but once you eat this Soy Ginger Steamed Fish it's a game changer.
My family relishes a good curry. We love all types of curry but my favourite is always any type of prawn or shrimp curry and my recipe ( shared below ) of my Goan Prawn Curry is a staple in our house. Everyone else however really enjoys...
Patra Ni Macchi Recipe
What Is Patra Ni Macchi ? This is an extremely popular fish recipe from the Parsi community that is relished by all. Patra means a leaf usually a banana leaf and macchi means fish ( both are Gujarati words ) so in essence it...

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