The Sri Lanka Photo Essay

I love Sri Lanka. It’s actually quite incredible because I didn’t expect to enjoy this little country as much as I did. I hadn’t really thought about it much till I had to visit and I kept thinking of it as an extension of South India, Kerala in particular. While I did find a lot of similarities specially the love for curry leaves and just genuinely being beautiful people, it would be a shame to clump them together. Sri Lanka is distinct and different, diverse and delightful. I have yet to come across a country where the people are just so happy and polite. From a local coconut vendor, to hotel staff, shop keepers and even tuk tuk drivers that knew I wasn’t going to ride with them – each one more helpful than the other. Beautiful beaches, Buddhist temples, exquisite food and so much more that defines this small island country that I can’t wait to experience more. If I keep my fingers crossed and things work out I might just treat myself to another visit soon! They say pictures speak a thousand words so instead of writing about my visit, I hope these pictures do all the talking 🙂

image1 (5)









image1 (8)

image3 (4)

image7 (2)




Disclaimer : I was hosted by the wonderful Cinnamon Hotels but can’t complain about a thing because their properties are gorgeous. Fingers crossed, Hopefully I will visit again soon 🙂

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  1. Fifteen fantastic photographs
    Some eliciting quiet laughs
    Elephants and artists
    Boulders and Buddhists
    She’d visit again in a heart-beat’s half!

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