Cooking Up A Storm !

Recipe writing is an art. You don’t realise it but it really is. It takes great skill and foresight not to skip out on tiny details because so many times you end up following a recipe to the tee but it just doesn’t turn out right and then you realise the writer missed a crucial step or two! I find it much easier to cook once I’ve attended a cooking workshop or class where I can take my own notes and understand how to cook better. This is exactly why I started COMIDA. Cooking along with the chef and turning what I personally find very intimidating into something fun and relaxing is my idea of a good time other than just stuffing my face. Every participant that comes to our Comida classes has a ball (they will all vouch for that) but I can never really kick back and get my hands dirty with them because I’m too busy fretting and making sure the class runs smoothly. So when the very talented Pooja Dhingra invited me to one of her cooking classes at her fabulous new culinary studio- Studio Fifteen I happily accepted.

The class I attended was an exclusive Parsi food class and was conducted by my friend and chef extraordinaire Perzen Patel popularly known as The Bawi Bride Perzen has a weekly rotating menu and takes orders which she delivers over the weekend. Studio Fifteen invited her to conduct a workshop solely dedicated to Parsi Food.

I love, absolutely LOVE it when regional food is encouraged and when it’s my very own Parsi khaana its even better. Personally I find our Parsi food a tad bit over rated if I’m being terribly honest but when it’s made well it’s sinfully delicious! And yes, Perzen makes it VERY WELL 🙂

Making Yummy Kheema Kebabs

Freshly Made Kheema Kebabs Cooling
What I thought would be a quick session with a small introduction to Parsi food turned into a full blown 2 and half hour class preparing a rather elaborate menu. I wasn’t complaining and neither were the other students because it ended with a marvellous feast.  Grandpa’s kheema kebabs( which are my favourite), patra ni macchi ( fish cooked in a banana leaf ) Chicken Dhansak with Kachubar, brown rice and a lagan nu custard makes for one very heavy meal.

The Fish Getting Seasoned Before It’s Covered In Chutney

Smearing The Fish With Chutney Before It’s Wrapped Up In The Leaf

The Fish Wrapped Up In The Banana Leaf
I’m not the greatest cook and I really don’t want to constantly cook. I’m very wary of the kitchen and am more interested in eating the food than preparing it. I think the main reason for my immense distrust in the kitchen and my own culinary abilities is because I’ve had terrible luck with recipes and trying to cook in the past. This class not only simplified what I thought would be a really hard meal to cook but rekindled my interest in cooking again.

I’m in the process of convincing Perzen to hold a Parsi food workshop for Comida soon but till then if I want my Parsi bhonu fix, have my notes from class or I just stick to ordering off her weekend menu.
Bawi Bride Menu For November


I love my readers! I love all the enthusiasm and support you all shower me with and so it’s time to give back! Perzen has started conducting her very own cooking classes and I’m giving away a FREE seat to her class to one of my lovely readers! All you have to do is enter the contest below, follow all the rules and WIN!


– Answer ALL the questions. You can answer on the blogpost itself or you can msg or post your answers on my facebook page The Tiny Taster

– You have to LIKE both facebook pages. Its The Tiny Taster and Bawi Bride

 The winner gets a free pass to a Parsi food cooking workshop and other lucky people get 50% discount.

– If you are announced as a winner please email all your contact details to

So what are you waiting for? Here are your questions!!

Q.1.  Perzen takes orders every week but when does she make the delivery for these orders ?

Q.2.  Perzen has planned some insane goodies for the month of November, one of these is my favourite. Can you guess which one?

Q.3. In your own words, tell me why you want to learn how to cook Parsi food.


  1. 1. Deliveries are done over the weekend
    2. Grandpa’s kheema kebabs
    3. This clearly shows how much I LOVE Parsi food: , so why not learn making it!!

  2. Go for it, Girls and Boys
    Guaranteed are many joys
    Learn to cook
    Just have a look
    And if you can’t, like me, just make some noise!

  3. This looks fun!
    1. Weekend Deliveries
    2. Grandpa’s kheema kebabs
    3. because that’s the only cuisine I have’t explored. I have made endless trips to Britannia for the berry Pulao and that’s about it! I would love to learn about Parsi food from someone who is holding up the baton of Parsi Food traditions so beautifully!

  4. Been following Bawi Bride for a while now & the food she makes looks yum.
    1. Her orders are delivered over the weekends.
    2. Grandpa’s Kheema Kebabs are your fav. Been meaning to try to make those since a while now.
    3. Want to learn Parsi food because my hubby loves it & its always fun to learn a new cuisine.

  5. I would try kebabs

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