This one is a bit of a cheat. I had no other country or city that I’ve been to that starts with E except for England ( of course it makes more sense to file this under U for United Kingdom ) but it’s a bit of a stretch since I haven’t actually explore the English countryside or more than England except for London city!

Now I could have saved London for when I get to L but I have another city lined up and felt this fit best. I’m hoping to make it to Egypt and Ethiopia soon but for now E is for England.

I spent nearly 8 days in London and has such a fabulous time mostly because I was eating at the coolest places thanks to my family living there.

The most memorable being a Sunday lunch at my cousin’s house that I gather seemed to be typically English. Baked cauliflower drowning in cheese, a roast chicken, grilled and glazed vegetables, lots of wine and cake. The latter because it was m birthday 🙂

The problem really is as much as I’d like to go into detail about the food at these different restaurants, It was 5 years ago and I have no recollection except that each dish was fabulous and I’ve been waiting to revisit. I’m going to leave you with some photos from my trip to give you a glimpse of what glorious food I had.

The last photo blog I did about my trip to London is here –

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  1. England brings to mind, Fish ‘n’ Chips
    But there’re others with lots of dips
    The pictures make one slurp
    Like they made her burp
    Please compliment the family — we smacked our lips!

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