F for Florence ! #AtoZChallenge

While I enjoyed visiting Rome, It’s Florence that has my heart. There’s so much more in Italy that I’d like to discover but the next trip to the country must include my favourite city.

I don’t think it’s any one thing that I loved I guess its a mix of everything. It’s elegance, it’s slightly laid back charm despite the fact that it’s full of tourists. Galleries full of priceless art, lanes and by lanes with funky graffiti, bowls of pasta and the coolest pizza joint I randomly came across and of course the magnificent Duomo.

Home to the famous Statue of David, you’ll see many replicas and souvenirs around town but also neighbors to the beautiful Tuscan countryside. I remember catching a local bus up to Michelangelo Square ( more a hill than a square) and watching the sun set over the entire city and enjoy a small picnic.

Florence feels magical, it feels romantic, and most importantly it made me feel alive.

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  1. Florence is fascinating and full of art
    Michelangelo’s David, it’s intrinsic part
    The food also fabulous
    Sunsets so wondrous
    And gelatos so gorgeous — could have ’em by the cart!

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