The Beauty Of The Masai Mara In Kenya!

When I was in school, one of my closest friends went on a family vacation to Kenya. This was an easy 18 years ago when it was fairly unheard of that anyone in Mumbai went to Africa for a holiday instead of the usual suspects. I remember her coming back from her travels and saying ” Roxy believe me when they say it’s God’s country, they really mean it ” . Since that conversation in my mind, I had painted the most pristine and beautiful image of the country. Years later when I found myself in the heart of the Mara, I felt like that young girl who’s image in her head had just come to life.

To call the Masai Mara stunning is an understatement. Vast open space, carpets of green and an abundance of wildlife where some animals seem downright exotic. There is a deep sense of comfort I feel when I spend hours in a jeep driving through forests and this time there are no restrictions for time or where you can go, no rules that need to be followed in terms of where you can wander. Just the open road and some excellent trackers to ensure you get a glimpse of what the Mara has to offer.  To begin with it is impossible to expect that you will cover the entire bush. It’s too vast and would take days to complete. My suggestion is pick a hotel that will give you a complete experience, spend a couple of days in the bush and engage with locals as much as you can – it will enrich you in ways you didn’t think possible. While I plan to write about my experience staying at the Cottar’s 1920’s camp during my time in the Mara, this post is just to give you a pictorial treat of what you can expect when you visit the heart of Kenya.


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  1. 39 snaps to lure you to Kenya
    More specifically to the Masai Mara
    In camouflage or out
    They’re all without a doubt
    Outstanding examples of the wild of Africa!

  2. Beautiful images Roxie. I hope I get to go there and meet these beauties.

  3. Those are such beautiful shots and you got really close to those lions! We saw them in South-Africa but not as many and so close…

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