These photographs are taken in Portugal’s famous Douro Valley, which is the heart of Port Wine. After a beautiful drive and more stunning landscapes I visited a very well known winery in the region, got a quick tour of how they produce the wines and then was treated to a superb meal over looking the valley.  Then onto a small town called Trancoso which is famous of it’s castle ruins and their small but thriving Jewish population. I managed to do an interesting walk through the old Jewish quarters. The next day I visited a small farm which to me seemed literally in the middle of no where where I chased some poor farm animals that were terrified of this group of crazy photographers and watched the farmers wife make some delicious local cheese specific to that region.
It was extremely hard to edit but I’ve tried to keep a few pictures that will give you a sense of the two days I spent at these places. Portugal is beautiful, and I hope you enjoy these!


  1. Olives and wine
    Kebabs to dine
    Grapes to squeeze
    Wife makes cheese
    Triple T makes all of us, to travel, incline!

  2. Hi Roxanne,

    Thanks for sharing this. Left you a tweet as well – do you happen to remember the name of the farm in Serra da Estrela that you visited?


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