J for Jerusalem! #AtoZChallenge

I wrote about Israel in my last post and all the places I visited but it is the holy city of Jerusalem that really caught my interest. I had just about two days to really explore and understand the city and it’s not even enough to scratch the surface.

There are the main sites like the Western Wall, Mound Of Olives, The Temple Mound, Church Of The Holy Sepchular and many others each with layers of history and religious background that sometimes I found over whelming specially since I didn’t grow up either Catholic or Jewish.

But the city is fascinating and the people magnificent. For all that you see in the media I had a very peaceful visit without any of the action you see on news channels. They’re friendly fun and always delighted to meet tourists.

The best experience for me was to take a tour inside the Western Wall which is incredible to walk inside and really understand the significance and history of the city. Even sitting and praying at the wall is incredible and you don’t have to be religious to real sense its importance to the people.

If you’re not one for history or religion then head over to Mahane Yahuda market which is a fun street full of cafes and food stalls selling some of the best Israeli produce. In face I’ve written a blogpost dedicated to this market here https://www.thetinytaster.com/2016/12/09/the-sights-and-sounds-at-mahaneh-yahuda-market-in-jerusalem/

Jerusalem is intriguing and of the many cities I’m always yearning to revisit I’d have to say this one sits right on top of my list.

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  1. The journey to Jerusalem is joyous
    E’en tho’ our Triple T is not too pious
    The Wall and the Mound
    Are spiritually pro-found
    And the eats in the markets are copious!

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