I for Israel ! #AtoZChallenge

I had no idea what to expect from Israel and it turned out to be one of the most memorable trips I’ve been on. It’s a small but fascinating country full of history, culture and fabulous food. It’s a destination unlike any other I’ve been to.

I remember visiting the ancient city of Akko and visiting old ruins where they found a city beneath a city after a round of excavations. Much like Jerusalem in that respect. The old ruins of the Masada Fort that stand proudly almost int he middle of no where that was once ancient King Herod’s palace. It over looks the Dead Sea and while you could take a cable car ride up, it’s a great sunrise hike up to the fort as well.

The Dead Sea is a marvel I couldn’t get over despite having floated in it for the better half of the day. The level of salt in the sea is so intense that a drop of water from this could sting for ages and if you’ve got any cut or light wounds it will burn badly. You can’t really swim you end up floating and it’s terrific fun. The mud from the Dead Sea along with the water has medicinal properties and all the minerals are meant to be fantastic for your skin so it’s a bit of a fun do it your self spa session.

I ended my trip in Tel Aviv which is one funky town. The beach is lovely, the sunsets are breathtaking but what I love most is the nightlife, Israelis can dance the night away and all that glorious food at some of the trendiest markets, cafes and restaurants.

I did visit Jerusalem as well but I’m going to save that for tomorrow 🙂

Here are some articles I’ve written about my time in Israel https://www.thetinytaster.com/2016/11/26/my-first-impressions-of-israel/



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  1. Opinions cannot be preconceived about any country
    Especially if they have a hoary old history
    Dead Sea floating
    Tiny triangles tasting
    And night-club dancing can be an all-night spree!

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