It’s the that time where the #AtoZChallenge starts to get tricky and I have to tweak and twist things a bit to stick to my theme. I haven’t visited any country or city beginning with O so instead I say Obrigada (Thank you) Porto. I’m thanking this Portuguese city because even though I spent just a day there, I’ve got lots of memories and it was a day spent on an indulgent food tour exploring the city.

From exquisite port wine, flaming sausages to soft eclairs generously filled with cream and chocolate/lemon curd I remember this day so well because of all this wonderful food. I wish I had more to explain but the truth is this was 5 years ago and while I don’t have restaurant recommendations, I do have lots of photos to share.


Here’s the link to my previous post on Porto

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  1. O! Oh-oh! O is yet to come
    So, some thanks she does hum
    Burning sausages
    Eclairs and churches
    And painted doors that shout a welcome!

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