The Tiny Taster Round Up Of The Week

I feel there is so much happening in Mumbai that doesn’t always warrant a long detailed blogpost but definitely worth mentioning. I find myself being invited to various events ( mostly food based ) across the city and I thought to make it easier I’d share a round up of my top picks. Things that I personally think are worth it or that I have enjoyed and want to share. I may or may not do this regularly but if you want to know more and you’d like me to do this more often, just leave a comment below and I’d be happy to oblige 🙂 Here’s the round up for not necessarily this week but things I’ve done over the last two weeks or events that are coming up I think are worth your time ( and money ).

Mighty Small Cafe – This is a very cool cafe and bar that’s opened up in Kamala Mills inside Smaaash. It’s themed like a carnival and I flipped out thinking everything is oh so cute so you can imagine how entertained children will be. They also have a bar area ( no kids in side ) in case you just want to chill and enjoy some of their very cool cocktails. Food is a mixture of different dishes without any specific theme or cuisine but just a bunch of fun dishes. I strongly recommend their disco idlis and the cheese and garlic pull apart bread.





Donburi Festival at the Four Seasons Hotel – It’s always a treat whenever this hotel hosts any sort of food festival and this Japanese inspired one is no different. The menu is small and features just various donburi and ramen bowls but this simple intensely flavourful food is absolutely perfect. There is no sushi on this menu but you could order from the regular menu and end with their signature dessert of Pandan crepes with mango ice cream. The festival is on from the 19th – 29th of January and is at San Qi.





NRI – The new restaurant by Atul Kocchar ( Michelin Star chef from England ) is a relaxed casual restaurant that serves some fun food. NRI stands for Not Really Indian which I think is extremely clever because the food served here is not Indian food. It’s a mix of dishes from around the world ( mostly countries the British colonized ) that have Indian influences but aren’t traditional Indian dishes. Bunny Chows, Sri Lankan Potli Curry and a whole lot of fun inspired dishes.




Stella By Starlight – I’m not the biggest buff when it comes to the indie music scene. I’m actually extremely selective with the sort of live performances I will attend but this band is slowly becoming a personal favourite. They are one of the few I enjoy listening to and would both watching live so this Thursday 21st of January they are performing at the G5A foundation for contemporary culture ( near Famous Studio in Mahalaxmi ) 7.30pm onward. You can buy your tickets on or at the venue directly. I’ll be there so if you do swing by, come say hi !


That’s my round up for now, if you liked this and want to know more and most importantly think I should do this more often then please leave a comment I always love to hear from you 🙂

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  1. Sounds like you had a delicious week! Can’t wait to try some of this food for myself!

  2. Now this here round-up is a good idea
    So long as it’s in color and not sepia
    The pictures you post
    Make us drool the most
    So, roll on, our Triple T of Bambaya!

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