Fatet Hommus – A Ramadan Recipe From Dubai

One of the things that makes me incredibly happy is when folks are receptive to the things I write and enjoy what I post. When people try out recipes that I’ve toiled over and experimented with, it’s a different kind of high. The response for my ongoing Ramadan Recipes series has been wonderful but the nicest response was when Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing extended some recipes that are a Ramadan specialties,  sourced from Chef Jens Muenchenbach, at Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah. I absolutely love collecting recipes and tend to do cooking classes wherever I go. Chef Muenchenbach’s recipes were fairly simple to follow so I’ve picked a Fatet Hommus to share with you because it really is very easy, slightly different from a traditional hummus and it’s vegetarian so everyone can enjoy it. I think you might enjoy this one because I made it for lunch and three very hungry recipe tasters polished off the entire bowl!

Ingredients –

2 -3 cups of  boiled chickpeas
500g yoghurt
5 peeled garlic
1 teaspoon of ghee
10grm or 2 teaspoons of  pine nut
1 – 2 teaspoons of red paprika
A bunch of chopped parsley ( I used coriander )
1 – 2 teaspoon of  cooking salt
2-3 slices of fried bread ( cut into pieces so its easier to handle )
1 cup of  water of chickpeas
A sprig of  dry mint





Method –

Put the chickpeas into a hot pan with garlic, salt, chickpea water and bread. Mix in the yogurt, parsley, mint, paprika. Add the hot gee and pine nuts. Blend to a smooth consistency and garnish with parsley or coriander.


Alternatively, My blender is an old tired soul so what I did was blend the ingredients in batches and then mixed it all together. The bread was fried, the chickpeas were boiled and I gave the garlic a light toss in a hot pan so it wasn’t raw when I was blending it. Once everything was blitzed and mixed together I garnished it with coriander and a generous swirl of olive oil along with some paprika and ate it with some leftover fried bread. It was delicious!


A special thank you to Chef Jens Muenchenbach, at Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah for his lovely recipe and to Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing for reaching out and for appreciating my small humble recipe series. 

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  1. this is new experience for me so thanks for sharing this great post really …….

  2. From the pictures, I can imagine myself polishing this off as well! 😀 Simple yet delicious recipe.

  3. Fatet Hommus, sent all the way from Dubai
    Makes one, for its simplicity, in contentment, sigh
    Made in a jiffy
    It turned out spiffy
    And can even make vegetarians high!

  4. its a very beautiful recipe

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