Healthy Oats And Cranberry Vegan Cookies

While it sounds impossible and actually quite depressing to take a beautiful tasty treat and turn it into a healthy dairy free version but believe me, it is incredible. I’ve been in a cooking baking mood lately which is rare for me because I’m not a baker. I don’t like making any sort of dessert in fact I use my oven for savory dishes only.

Maybe it’s the festive season with Diwali and Halloween wrapping up and the countdown to Christmas has begun, or maybe it’s the much needed change of weather. Whatever it is, it has me in cookie mode and since I’m no expert I’ve been doing plenty of research to find the easiest and more stress free recipe. I have to admit the cookie are more for other people than me because when you I start reading a recipe and I realise how much of sugar/oil/dairy goes into it, I feel incredibly guilty. My struggle with food and trying to keep my weight down is a constant one so cookie really aren’t the way to go for me.

Thankfully, while I found excellent recipes for folks who couldn’t care less about calories or can afford to chug on all the good stuff, I found a brilliant version for myself. This is so ridiculously simple I had to question myself if it really tasted good or I’m just trying to trick myself into thinking it’s awesome because it’s so incredibly healthy. The truth is, it doesn’t taste like your regular buttery cookie but it’s pretty fantastic on its own and I can’t get enough of them. The plus side is, it’s vegan without the fuss of expensive ingredients like almond milk or cashew butter. It’s three natural ingredients and thankfully all incredibly good for your body. Hope you like my recipe. Happy Baking !


2 Bananas

1 Cup Rolled Oats ( Not the Instant kind )

6-8 Cranberries ( chop them up into smaller pieces )

Method –

In a bowl add the peeled bananas and break them into smaller pieces ( just easier to manage this way ). Add the cranberries and oats to the bananas and with your hands ( a spoon or spatula is useless you need to use your hands ) mix all the ingredients together. Mix well till it’s all incorporated together to form one big dough like substance.

Either grease your baking tray with oil/butter or use a parchment paper and scoop a ball of the mixture onto it. Gently press down to form a circular shape. It won’t be a perfect circle but just a rough shape of a cookie. The mixture is sticky and soft so will spread. Repeat with the rest of the batter to form as many cookies as you can.

Bake in the oven for 10 mins at 180 degrees Celsius. Alternatively you could microwave these as well for about 3 minutes. Again please grease the plate or use parchment paper as they tend to stick. Let these cookies cool for a bit and enjoy!


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  1. Tasty AND healthy at the same time?
    These seem to be *simply* sublime
    Go bananas with oats
    On the former she dotes
    And baking she does ‘cos of the clime!

  2. Wow, so delicious! I just made it for dinner, I am sure I will make it again!
    Prachi Gupta

  3. Hi
    I’ve made literally 100’s of your recipes and thank you, they are always easy to follow and successful in my kitchen
    Ashi Verma

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