M for Mumbai ! #AtoZChallenge

I could have easily picked another city to talk about but Mumbai is home. It’s where I was born, where I grew up and where I still am currently. I want to say I have a love hate relationship with the city but the truth is it’s all love. I love the chaos, the madness, the openness, the liberating feeling I get standing by shore. I love the frantic pace at which everything moves I’ve gotten so use to it that it’s unnerving to actually slow down at times.

I love the food, all that glorious food. It’s a city that has a mix of all cuisines thanks to people moving into the city from different parts of the country and making it their home. I love that Mumbai has its own special street food scene mostly found in crowded Khao Gallis or Eat Streets. I love that Mumbai has its own distinct history and heritage and that in South Mumbai where I live, there is an abundance of exquisite colonial architecture that gives the city a completely different face.

I love the people of Mumbai, I have to say they are unlike anywhere else. While I will say India has the friendliest faces and almost anywhere in the country I have found strangers to be the kindest but its in Mumbai where I find it the most. I love the camaraderie in the ladies compartment of a local train, I love that if you ask a bus conductor what the next stop is, 5 other people will reply before he can. I love that after a plate of sweet and spicy sev puri ( street snack ) you’re entitled to a free puri or a sukkha Bhel and the vendor will remind you lest you forget.

There are many things I love about Mumbai and this is just the beginning. If you find yourself planning a trip to my beloved city and want to know more or experience it like a local, get in touch for one of my private tours 🙂

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  1. Our Triple T is a pukka Mumbai chi mulgi for sure
    Mumbai, itself, is never ever a bore
    Food and fashion
    Constant construction
    And oh yes, one will never regret taking her tour!

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