Lisbon has my heart unlike any other city. I feel like I’m really a traveler because I’m happiest in different cities experiencing things and tend to fall in love quite easily but Lisbon to me is special unlike any other.

I adore Portugal and I find it’s one of Europe’s best but for some reason I don’t see many Indians travelling there though that’s changed a slight bit recently. Lisbon has so many wonderful memories for me. It’s where I found appreciation for my glutes and calves because it’s a city built on seven hills and I spent every minute of it on foot going up and down without my usual complaints. It’s where I fell in love with Octopus I mean my god what a fantastic thing to eat! It’s where I ate my first Michelin meal ( ok more like 3 Michelin meals ) and that changed the way I looked at food specially from an ingredient and texture perspective.

The first time I haggled at a flea market and would you believe it I lugged 4 exquisite pieces of Portuguese tiles that I bought at the flea market in my suitcase and they came back in one piece and now sit proudly on my aunt’s table. The first time I used a tram to get around and not a bus and now every time I’m in a city that has trams for a moment I think back to the rickety old bright red or yellow coloured trams rumbling up and down the streets of Lisbon.

It’s where I had my first real ‘ egg tart ‘ or what is the original Pastel De Nata and nothing else can come close to the ones served at Pasties De Belem. SO many firsts in Lisbon that I cherish, friendships that I made in the same year were forever cemented in that city and I can’t even put in words the sheer joy I experienced just enjoying what the city has to offer.

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  1. Our Triple T tried trams, tarts and tiles
    And wreathed herself in countless smiles
    A Michelin meal
    Octopus appeal
    And one can read four more in her files!

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