The Mother Of All Menus at The Bombay Canteen!

The restaurant business is a tough one, especially in Mumbai. There are places that open and shut before I get a change to visit and there are a few that manage to stay afloat and even fewer than manage to thrive. The Bombay Canteen opened its doors last year and since then has maintained its trendy and popular status. Diners enjoy everything about this restaurant. The funky ambiance and decor, the cheeky names and descriptions on the menu, the delicious and different dishes they come up and most importantly the friendly faces at the restaurant.

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The restaurant turns 1 year old this month and in true Bombay Canteen style, is celebrating in its own unique way. Instead of doing the usual birthday party they’ve come up with what they call the ” Mother of all Menus ” which are dishes inspired and created by their own mums! It’s easier said than done but mums are by far the toughest critics to please ( I know my mum is my biggest food critic ). I can only imagine how difficult or easy the process of deciding and developing this menu was but the outcome is flipping fantastic!

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There are ten dishes in total, each mummy contributing two, and even their menu is adorably written up on a notepad and given to you with a pen incase you’d like to pen down your own mummy’s recipe and share it with them.
There were plenty of dishes I sampled but the ones that really stole my heart were the Phool Gobi Mussalam from Sunita’s Kitchen (which is a whole cauliflower, roasted and cooked in yogurt, dry coconut and cashew sauce) and the Konkani Kolambi Curry ( prawn curry ) from Renu’s Kitchen and the B**f Cutless ( beef cutlets ) from Cynthia’s Kitchen.

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While these were my personal favourites the entire menu is delicious and worth trying before they change it again. The menu is available till the end of February so enjoy! Happy Birthday Bombay Canteen !! I can’t wait to see what you churn out next!


  1. Happy Birthday, Bombay Canteen
    May you turn into a teen
    And with Mymmies’ blessings
    And delicious dressings
    May your enthusiasm always remain keen!

  2. It’s sad that they have such fun things happening but kids aren’t allowed. Have a little baby here that can’t be left alone. Should have gone when I was pregnant ? It looks yummmm !!!

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