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“I love food”  “I’m such a foodie” ” Oh I can eat everrryyything, I love to eat ” ” no no you don’t understand I live to eat” These are the sort of annoying statements people repeatedly spew every time they learn what I do. While the rest of the world are self proclaimed foodies , a word I’ve grown to detest, I on the other hand have a surprising love hate relationship with food. While food excites me, cooking relaxes me and eating gives me an indescribable sense of happiness, I also face this life long battle with piling on the pounds.
I have a tendency to put on weight at an unreasonably quick rate and it takes forever and a day to shed it. It is a constant battle where it’s like those cartoons where the devil sits on one shoulder and says ” come on tiny, dive into that pasta and relish it” and this irritating angel sits on the other shoulder and goes ” ooo a taste on your lips, forever on your hips!”  and with hardly any will power when it comes to glorious food I give in most of the time.
If you’ve been following my instagram feed or reading my tweets you know I’ve been experimenting with carb free, oil free recipes. With the internet flooded with helpful recipes, meal times are not a problem but when it comes to snacks or dessert it’s really slim pickings.

A lot of people have been talking about paleo diets, protein diets, fat free food and what I’ve started to term ‘ dreary diet food’. I can’t imagine anything that doesn’t have flour, oil, sugar or butter to be tasty, and more so when you’re talking about dessert. A simple brown paper bag filled with healthy, protein based treats just changed my mind. I think I’ve found a solution to some serious diet problems.

Eat- A- Wheyis a new business that is tailor made for the healthy and somewhat diet conscious folk. Ankita Chawla was fed up of not being able to eat any sweets as part of her strict diet regime to help her drop her weight and decided to create sugar free desserts for herself. She spent a lot of time experimenting in her kitchen and has now created a range of products that are made with proteins and healthy ingredients and thankfully is sharing them with the rest of the world.

The Banana Nut Protein Muffin is a beautiful snack, tastes delicious and more importantly doesn’t taste different but just like a regular normal banana muffin. It’s made with almond flour, coconut flour, protein, banana and is a surprising 64 calories per serving where as a regular banana muffin has approx 184 calories per serving. That’s a massive difference.

The peanut butter protein cookies as well as the chocolate chip protein cookies are not something I fell in love with at once but I ended up snacking on them without any complaint. It goes without saying I prefer the peanut butter ones as I don’t really care much for chocolate. Unlike regular cookies, they aren’t crisp and don’t have that snap when you break it. You know how first a biscuit or cookie gets? This one was slightly softer I’m assuming due to the lack of certain ingredients but serves their purpose of being a healthy and tasty snack. A single cookie is approx 107 – 110 calories.

The Grain Free Banana Muffin look deceptively like chocolate muffins but there isn’t any chocolate. In fact it’s made with nut flour, egg, banana and dates. It’s amazing how dates add a certain amount of sweetness which is just enough but we never think about it and end up adding sugar instead. It’s a great muffin but I enjoyed the other banana nut muffin as I thought the flavour was stronger. What’s so strange is you feel like you’re eating some sort of chocolate cake like muffin but much healthier than a regular cake.

My absolutely favourite from the lot, more than the banana muffin is their New York Protein Cheesecake. I read cheesecake and freaked out because I equate that with hundreds of calories and against every grain of my healthy eating spree. This is unlike a regular cheese cake. For one thing they were tiny portions which believe me are equally heavy so I didn’t just gobble it up but spaced it out a bit. It’s made with Greek yogurt, whey, dates, walnuts and stevia and at approx 102 calories per serving this might be the only cheesecake I’m ever going to eat hence forth. Bloody brilliant!

There is a lot more than just these at this five and a half month old company. The menu has some very innovative items ( which I’m definitely going to try out soon ) like breakfast donuts- I’m so curious to know what that is , apple cinnamon protein muffins, red velvet protein cupcakes, Greek yogurt, vanilla cranberry protein bread loaf, natural hazelnut butter, natural almond butter ( drool ), natural peanut butter, various flavoured almond milk and a lot more. Another popular one from the menu that I really enjoyed is the Granola. It doesn’t contain puffed rice but it’s a delicious mixture or a few oats, nuts and dry fruits. I’m told it’s a hot favourite and gets sold out. I can see why. I could eat these every day for breakfast or even as a snack and not get bored.

What I like the best is that their packaging is simple, everything comes in a classic brown paper bag ( reusable and recyclable ) and each item had this adorable little card attached which listed the ingredients ( which is brilliant because I always want to know what I’m eating ) and a little nutrition chart that tells you how many calories per serving, how much total fat, saturated fat, total carbs, dietary fibres, sugar and protein. What’s great is you can order items as they are or even as individual portion, for eg the cheesecake is sold as an entire cake but you can also order it in a cupcake format so that you know exactly how many calories you’re eating. Not that I really calorie count when I eat but it’s great to know and for fitness freaks that do, this is ideal. Eat- A Whey is also a part of ‘My Fitness Pal’ which is a popular mobile app that calculates the number of calories you consume so all their products are listed on the app as well making ti easier to track your diet progress.

If you want your batch of goodies catch Ankita Chawla and her Eat-A-Whey team. They are based out of Bandra and deliver. All products contain no sugar, no white flour, no atta, no ragi, no brown rice, no quinoa and only one recipe has oats ( the granola which is one of their most popular items ) For more details check out her website –
Find them online at
Phone nos – +91 9821174384

Pssssttt… If you want to meet Ankita and try some of her yummies you can catch her this weekend at The Mumbai Farmer’s Market by Karen Anand on Sunday 11th February 2015. Go say hi ! Happy Eating 🙂 


  1. This is just so yum and good for sweet tooth like me 🙂 After my training I can still have these !

    1. Hehe yeah it’s perfect. Really yummy stuff.

  2. Delicious deserts without maida
    Made by the merry maid, Ankita
    Tiny Taster praises
    Our appetite, raises
    Especially eclectic — the Granola!

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