Wok Tossed Pakchoy & Baby Corn

Happy New Year my lovelies ! I’m as optimistic about the new year as I am each year even though it’s never smooth sailing. I don’t really believe in resolutions because I think their pointless and don’t stick to them. I do however believe in promises and one of the many I made to myself this year is to really take my health seriously. So in my quest to eat healthy, I have to cook everyday because I’ve eliminated carbs and sugar from my diet ( no pasta noodles pizza dessert sweet etc etc ) and believe me it’s no cake walk. I’ve been sourcing recipes and trying to be creative. It’s only been a few days but I thought I’d share some of the easier recipes. This one is easy, healthy and incredibly tasty. I hope you like it !

Wok Tossed Pak choy & Baby Corn

Ingredients –

2 packets of baby corn

1 or 2 packets of pakchoy

10 cloves of garlic – finely chopped

1 or 2 spoons of light soy sauce

Method –

Chop the baby corn so there is plenty more and slice the pakchoy as well, you can just half some of the big leaves but the medium and small sized ones leave them as is.

Heat the wok ( kadai ) and then add the chopped baby corn. Toss is about till the corn starts to brown and roast a bit.

add some of the chopped garlic and keep tossing the corn about so it roasts and cooks.

After some time add the pak choy and cook it with the corn. Add the remaining chopped garlic and a spoon of the soy sauce.

It will take some time for the pakchoy to cook so you can keep covering it for a bit so it steams. Keep stiring the two and if you want a little more colour add some more soy sauce.

Once the pakchoy turns bright green you know it’s cooking so let it steam for maybe 3 minutes with the lid on and then serve.

I like my greens crunchy so I don’t cook the pakchoy through and through and I use a lot of soy depending on my mood. It can get salty so don’t over do it. This recipe doesn’t need a drop of oil or sugar or anything else. You can add anything you want to this but for a quick fix and to cook under 50 bucks this is your best bet! Enjoy !

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