My European Photo Diary

I started the new year with whimsical plans to travel and see as much of the world as possible. I thought this would be one of the many plans I make in my head and nothing would come of it. Life has a funny way of creeping up on you and you get sucked into it’s vortex and all these wonderful plans get left by the way. Then somehow out of nowhere I found myself travelling to the royal city of Hyderabad, the jungles of Madhya Pradesh, then to the heart of South Africa, down under in Australia and to the gorgeous shores of Krabi. If that wasn’t enough for the first six months of the year, Cox and Kings, G adventures and Ezeego1 decided to really make my travel dreams come true and sent me on a whirlwind unforgettable unimaginable trip of a lifetime. They sent me Europe.

Five countries, Eight cities, seven (eventful) train rides, uncountable breathtaking sights, copious amounts of food and seven of the very best people I have ever met. There was limited time in each place as one can imagine, Europe would take a lifetime but I made I made the most out of my time there, drinking in every sight sound, taste and smell. It’s apainful process to edit photographs as I want to share everything and show you everything I saw or did but it will take me some time as I’m still so over whelmed from my travels. The world is beautiful my friends. While the rest of my posts will talk about what I did, where I went and what you shouldn’t miss in these cities, this one is a bit of a tease. It’s just a glimpse into my trip, hopefully to whet your appetite to travel more. Stay tuned for more updates and till then enjoy 🙂

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image9sgdjd (2)


image1bb (2)

image2gggg (10)



image1bb (10)


image1bb (5)






image9sgdjd (3)


image9sgdjd (1)

image2gggg (9)

image9sgdjd (9)




Disclaimer : This was part of a contest I won hosted by Cox and Kings, Ezeego1 and G adventures called Grab Your Dream. For more details you can check their website –


  1. Foot loose and fancy free
    This year for Triple T
    We saw with her
    Wide-eyed wonder
    And for more, thirsty!

  2. Priyanka says:

    The pictures are beautiful 🙂

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