End Of The Year – Top Treats For 2013!

I’ve spent a LOT of time this past year sampling new places and frequenting old favourites. I find most often it’s very difficult to find a restaurant that will give you a stellar meal.  There are always hits and misses in every meal but I’ve come to realize that some dishes are quite memorable and it’s only fair I share my culinary treasures with you. So this is dedicate to my top finds of 2013. I’d like to stress here that these are just some of the dishes I personally find memorable or note worthy, my list includes much more but these are the top rankers. Enjoy !

Dimsum at Mekong – Sitting proud on the 37th floor of the beautiful Palladium Hotel, Mekong is a restaurant where I have enjoyed some delicious dimsums. The seafood one and the spicy pork mince are two ridiculously good dimsums and worth every penny. The rest of the food is lovely and I’ve eaten here once and enjoyed most of it but these little babies stood out the most.

Risotto at 212 all day – While reading the menu at 212 all day, I came across a gorgonzola risotto and I think my heart skipped a beat. I relish a good risotto and one thats drowning in cheese is the stuff my dreams are made of. Though a majority of people don’t have the stomach for blue cheeses or anything pungent I love it. In fact I feel it elevates the dish completely so that it’s not just any other risotto but has its own distinct identity.
Chorizo rice at Imbiss –  A spicy flavourful rice dish, generously filled with chorizo bits topped with a beautifully fried duck egg with onion rings and served with a side of fresh juicy lettuce leaves with a mild dressing is my idea of the perfect last meal. Imbiss is home to every meat lover and porkoholic in the city and boasts of a meat maddening menu but if you ask me, this rice dish is their winner.

Paprika beef skewers at The White Owl – The White Owl is a new kid on the block and I find has some pretty good stuff to offer. They are constantly updating their menu so I don’t know if this dish is still on but I think the paprika beef skewers might just be. The joy of eating tender well cooked flavoruful beef on a stick along with a pint of cold beer is one I cannot describe.  It was the first dish I had and though there were several good ones through my meal this was my personal favourite.

Between breads 10 ounce burger – The boys than run this joint are pure genius. You should all bless them because people who bring you good food at a GREAT price need to be blessed.  They have so many good sandwiches are burgers in fact the turkey one is amazing but my heart is set on their signature 10 ounce beef burger. It’s filling, the burger bun is soft unlike a thousand other places, it’s fresh and so tasty. This is a meal for me and one I have failed to finish on many occasions.

Universal Kebab Korner roll – This is my new favourite roll. Not only is it tasty with all the meats and the caramalised onions, chutney and even a fried egg is you ask for it, but for the ample delectable cream cheese they slather the rolls with. Most of you roll loyalists will turn your nose up at the idea of cheese in it but I can assure you it’s delicious. They use to be on the street in a by lane but now have opened up an outlet in Sterling Cinema as well.

Cinnamon buns and apricot orange cake at Celebrations Fine Confections – Mehernosh Khajotia who owns Celebrations Fine Confections is my favourite baker. I think everything in that store right from its patties, rolls, breads to chocolate- it’s all yum worthy. There are however two things I could gleefully kill for from this baker. First are his delicious cinnamon buns which come with a lovely thick coat of cream cheese melted on top. I’m not a great cinnamon lover this is subtle and the entire bun just melts in your mouth. The other favourite is one of his signature afternoon tea cakes which is the apricot orange cake. As the name suggests it’s got lovely bits of orange and apricot flavour in the softest, most moist fresh sponge cake I have ever eaten. If you like orange you will enjoy this cake.
Prawn nest at Singkong – I’ve had some lovely starters at Singkong but the best one yet is what they call a Prawn nest. It’s prawn served on a stick of sugar cane coasted with cripsy flakes and served in a shot glass with some sweet chilli dip and the base. The entire combination of prawn with the crunchy crisp coating and then the sweet to give it a slight kick of spice you have the dipping sauce as well. It’s a simple enough dish but I enjoyed it so much that I would go back just for that.

Pork belly tortillas at Sundance –  Sundance cafe got a brand new facelift this year and became as popular as the old one. With a new management, new look and brand new menu it became a quick favourite and you were lucky if you manage to snag a table on the weekend. They have many delicious items including a tremendously delicious four cheese pizza but the dish that really stands out is their pork belly tacos. It’s a soft open taco with pork belly, sour cream and guacamole with a dash of salsa and it’s brilliant. The only real drawback is that there are only four on a plate and they are over when you’re just getting started.


  1. lovely post roxanne 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Shanti 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it !

  2. Nine pretty pictures to end Twenty Thirteen
    By no means will they be the last to be seen
    Thank you, Triple T
    May you always be
    Happy and healthy and forever green!

    1. Muaah ! Thank you 🙂

  3. Great selection…inspiring me to think about mine

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it !

  4. Delicious collection Roxanne…I can totally identify with your love for gorgonzola Risotto 🙂

    1. Thanks so much ! Glad you enjoyed reading 🙂

  5. Great selection…But I dont see any healthy options…sigh


    1. Hehe yes that’s true. However hopefully all my posts now will have healthier options as that’s the goal for 2014 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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