My Veggie Delight Inspired By A Cobb’s Salad

If I’m being completely honest, I’m an extremely fussy eater. While I eat almost everything I need variety constantly and am always looking for new dishes to create since that’s the only way I’ll be happy with what I eat. If I left my meals up to someone else, I’d probably be eating dal and sabzi everyday and while I enjoy it, I’d get sick of it on the second day! So while I was doing my usual recipe research on the internet I chanced upon a Cobb Salad recipe and since I really enjoy this salad I thought I’d make it. Having just come home from three weeks of travelling and a tremendous consumption of meat and carbs I thought I’d substitute the chicken in the salad and make it a veggie one. Then I went a step further and realised avocados aren’t easily available where I stay and they’re also expensive so I’d skip that and add something else. Then I realised I don’t particularly like mayo in my dressing so changed the dressing and before I knew it, it was no longer a traditional Cobb Salad but the end result was delicious. I’m actually still eating it while I type this up! Hope you enjoy the recipe and happy cooking!


1/4 kg of Lettuce ( any that you like I went with Arugula and ice berg )

7 – 8 Mushrooms sliced ( I picked shitake because I had it at home, again you can choose any you like )

1 tomato sliced

2  boiled eggs chopped

6 – 7 almonds chopped

6-7 pistachios chopped.

A piece of blue cheese ( as much as you like, be careful it is a bit strong )

2 tablespoon of Olive Oil

1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar






The first thing is to just prep and get all the ingredients together so wash the lettuce and dry it completely. Put the eggs to boil ( takes about 7 minutes in boiling water ) and cut them up into small pieces once they have cooled.

Slice the tomato or you could dice it into smaller pieces which ever you prefer. Chop the nuts both almonds and pistachios. The original Cobb has no nuts in the recipe but I think they add a nice bit of crunch.

In a sauce pan saute the mushrooms with some salt n pepper till they cook. In a serving bowl add the salad leaves and start arranging all the other ingredients into little sections on top. You don’t have to but this is who a Cobb Salad is traditionally served so I stuck to that.

In another small bowl mix the oil, white wine vinegar, a pinch of salt and pepper together for the dressing. Pour over the salad and enjoy!



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  1. Cobb’s Salad, but it has no corn
    Triple T, to the manner born
    Dislikes dal-and-rice
    More than twice
    So her palate with this salad she did adorn!

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