The Business Class Experience With Singapore Airlines

Most folks are either terrified of flying or dread flights because they take them often for work trips. For me, both scenarios seem extremely odd because for this curious traveler, every single flight is an adventure. Not always are my adventures pleasant, I end up with inconsiderate people, invariably a screeching baby or a indisciplined child that kicks my seat throughout the flight. I’ve had drunks behind me fight with the cabin crew and have even had really noisy loud families talk to each other in such high decibel levels that I can hear their entire conversation though my head set on full volume. It can get quite painful but still, the thought of traveling and flying is not one I think of with dread.


I have always however, wished for a peaceful flight. One sans any drama or irritating families. One that I can blissfully enjoy without learning about someone else’s life history or watch them miserable fail while attempting to discipline their unruly children. I’m happy to report my recent flight to Singapore via their amazing Business Class made all my aviation dreams come true! The joy of a silent flight!!


I must confess I’m usually an economy or at the most a premium economy traveler but it would seem that once you’ve crossed over to the dark side – there really is no other way to travel. The entire experience was worth every penny they charge and if I had to break it down, then these were my personal highlights.

The Lounge Access – It all starts with a pleasant smile at the counter while you check in and the lovely staff informing you that you can avail of the airports business class lounge. I have to say the GVK Lounge at Mumbai is beautiful. It is extremely serene despite the constant flow of passengers and have the most relaxing seats with a gorgeous view of the aircrafts. Lots of food, beverages, alcohol and even a 15 minute free foot massage. The KrisSilver or Business Class Lounge in Singapore is also extremely comfortable full of food and beverages and lets you enjoy a spot of peace instead of battling your way through the airport.




The Seating –  I flew on two very different aircrafts  both being a Boeing if I remember correctly but both were ridiculously comfortable. It actually feels like you have your own barcalounger ( just like Joey and Chandler had in Friends ) complete with leather upholstery and for someone like me, I could live in that space. Huge! The seat folds out into a complete flat bed equipped with a duvet and pillow, which makes it incredibly convenient when you’re on a longer sector and plenty of head space and elbow room. No silent elbow nudging with your neighbour. It’s also very convenient to get in and out of your seat as there is a direct access to the aisle making it easy for a quick trip to the loo without the stress of disturbing your fellow passenger.




The Entertainment – I think one of the highlights of travelling Business Class is that you get a lot more variety and choice in terms of in flight entertainment. Which is honestly perfect for me because I can almost never sleep on a flight and am constantly looking for ways to keep myself entertained. It also really helps that the screen is a nice big 15 inch LCD and the head set is not just any regular ear plugs but a comfortable noise cancelling headphone set. I know it worked to cancel out any noise because I had to take them off every time the cabin crew asked me anything.



In Flight Dining – For me, the greatest joy about flying Business Class is their incredible in flight meal service. I’m told there is a facility to ‘ Book The Cook’ where you can select your main course 24 hours prior to your flight but I didn’t opt for that. I just let myself be pampered and dazzled by the brilliance of their food. A meal here is quite an experience, not just a plastic stay slapped down with little portions of food. elaborate chinaware and three wonderful courses served patiently so you don’t have to rush through your meal and eat everything together. Succulent pieces of lamb and beef satay, a main course with a choice of hot freshly baked breads and dinner rolls followed by decadent dessert. Not to mention plenty of liquor ( a full bodied French Red for me ) followed by a cheese and fruit platter and mints to end with. This is how a meal should be served and they ensure that you’re stuffed to the gills!




Service – I suppose it’s unfair to include service because even on an economy or premium economy flight ( flown both with the airline ) their service has always been on point. In business class it is exactly the same in terms of the way the cabin staff treat you. Of course there are some additional perks like a ‘ pre take off cocktail ‘ or the array of newspapers to choose from.


The truth is Singapore Airlines is my favourite airline and I’ve been vocal about that for quite some time now. The reason they are my preferred choice ( even when I get a cheaper ticket elsewhere at times, I’m being completely honest ) is because I’ve never had bad food ( which is a real shocker for airlines believe me ) I’ve never felt like the staff has politely snubbed a request and there is no hide and seek situation with my baggage. The experience on their Business Class flight just reminded me of why they are my preferred airline.

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Disclaimer: This post was done during a trip taken with Singapore Airlines and the Singapore Tourism Board. As always thoughts and opinions are my own and if you don’t believe me then read my previous post about the airline because it really is my favoruite 🙂

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  1. Travelling often has not made her blase
    This time in Business Class she did sashay
    In a foot massage she luxuriated
    With ample good food satiated
    For Singapore Airlines she’ll repeatedly hurray!

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