Snack Time – Healthy Simple Homemade Granola Recipe

One of my favorite snacks is granola. I enjoy it at breakfast in a parfait with some yogurt or in the evening as a granola bar or even just something to munch on through the day. The recipe is really simple and the best part is you can customize it whichever way you like. I must admit I’ve bought plenty of granola from various shops and brands but now I prefer to make it at home because I get to control how much of sugar I add to my recipe. This one has no added sugar, just the regular ingredients but I’ve completely skipped the half or one full cup of brown sugar that most ask for. To me it tastes just as good ! I’ve also skimped out on the amount of oil the regular recipes have but like I said, customizing is key so really while this is my healthy version, feel free to make it the way you like it. Here’s my recipe and I hope this help 🙂


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3 cups of rolling oats – ( Instant oats are an absolute NO )

50 grams chopped almonds

50 grams chopped walnuts

50 grams chopped pistaschio

50 grams dried cranberries ( you can choose the unsweetened ones if you like)

50 grams raisins

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

2 teaspoons of flaxseed ( I had them so added it, you can skip it )

2 cups of honey

2 cups of oil ( I only added about a spoon of it though so go with what you like )

1 cup sugar ( as I mentioned I skipped this entirely but if you want it sweet go ahead )

These are what I used but you can add figs, apricots, sunflower seeds, any combination you like.



In a bowl add all your dry ingredients that is the oats and the cinnamon and to it add the oil and honey and mix well.



Add your chopped nuts ( not the berries and raisins ) and mix well and spread it out on a baking tray. Spread them out so there are no clumps and they cook evenly.


Pre heat your oven for 10 mins and add them in at 250 degrees Celsius and bake for 25 – 30 mins. Every ten minutes take them out and mix them up so that all the bits bake evenly and nothing burns. If you do feel it starting to burn, lower the temperature. Just keep an eye on it throughout.


In the last ten minutes you can add some of the berries or choose to do it at the end if you don’t want the berries to cook completely.Once its baked, take it out and add the berries and raisins and mix it all up well. Keep in mind that as it starts to cool the granola will form chunks so if you don’t want all chunks or too many keep mixing it and breaking it up.



Once it’s cool just transfer it into an air tight jar and you’re healthy perfect little snack is ready! I ate this with some Greek Yogurt ( Hung Curd ) and it was beautiful ! Next I’m going to make a breakfast parfait with it 🙂


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  1. Mixed nuts and dry fruit
    Give tiredness the boot
    Sweetness by honey
    Oats fill the tummy
    Add or subtract to suit!

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