T for Taiwan #AtoZChallenge

When people think of visiting Asia it’s usually places like Thailand or Bali because they’re cheap or then China or Japan because they’re exotic. Somehow Taiwan gets overlooked and it really shouldn’t. It ticks all the boxes, great food, great sightseeing, fun shopping but more importantly when you get out of Taipei and explore the countryside, it’s beautiful.

I had a trip to Taroko National Park for a picturesque hike, a trip to Yilan the seaside town and spent a day on a boat. It’s also special to me because it’s where I first went snorkling and instead of a shallow area I was taken deep into the pacific ocean and it was an experience of a lifetime !

Read all about my trip to Taiwan and don’t miss the videos specially where I learn to make hand churned ice cream and when I eat my way through all that glorious Taiwanese food ! https://www.thetinytaster.com/2017/10/10/first-impressions-of-taiwan/




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  1. 5 glorious videos in a 48-hour trip
    You don’t wanna skip even a single clip
    Green tea ice-cream?
    Is that a dream?
    And a marble-smooth ride on which to slip!

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