About Me


I’m a pint-sized girl who enjoys reading, movies, travel and is obsessed with food. I express my love for all things edible in my food blog –www.thetinytaster.com A freelancer in my profession, I’m able to spend most of my time sampling the city’s food offerings and reviewing them. More often known as The Tiny Taster, I’ve decided to take the world by storm – one plate at a time! Apart from my own website I write for various publications and lifestyle websites as well about food and Travel. The dream is to expand the blog into a food and travel blog and I’ve already started with a few travel posts as well. I hope to travel enough and give you an insight into the places I visit and of course a detailed description of the food they have to offer. This is my favourite quote that sums up my state of mind – Someone gave me a mug with something that seemed quite fitting for me – ” Wanderlust, I’m in love with places I haven’t been to and people I haven’t met yet .”