Z for Zebra ! #AtoZChallenge


It’s the last one in this challenge and once again it’s tricky because I haven’t really been to any place starting with Z but I’ve seen a lot of Zebras and that’s the closest I can go with. I’ve seen Zebras in both South Africa and Kenya and it’s always exciting because I’m not use to them even when I do safaris in India so to me they’ll always be exotic.

I’ve talked about both the African countries I’ve visited in my series but another reason I picked Zebras is because I’m going to see them again in less than a month! I’m hosting my very first travel tour and I’m taking a bunch of folks to South Africa for 9 days including a safari trip to see zebras, lions, elephants and everyone else in the jungle !

It’s my latest venture where I curate special group trips to different destinations through the year and if you’d like to join me on one of them leave me a comment I’d love to get in touch. #thetinytastertours kicks off first week June so stay tuned for a lot of updates !

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  1. And so, we come to the end of the alphabet
    To organize her own safari, Triple T’s set
    Say ‘hello’ to a zebra
    In South Africa
    Then come back and tell us how exciting did it get!


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